Wednesday, April 29, 2015

I'm A Really Bad Blogger...

... but I still really do enjoy doing it.

I get busy.
Talking to A on FaceTime for hours takes priority over attempting to come up with something interesting to blog about. 
I choose a Scandal binge over blogging.
I simply feel like being lazy. 
All of these are just a few of the reasons why I haven't blogged since March.

I know that I'm never going to grow a readership blogging on and off like I do, but that is fine with me. This is my (mildly) creative outlet that I use whenever I feel like it. Lately I have been back in the blog world as a reader and it gives me the desire to write again. 

So for those that do stop by occasionally to check in on my little corner of the internets, here's what I've been up to:

My 26th birthday was this month! It just so happened to coordinate with Easter this year, which meant I got a three day weekend for my birthday. A came down and spent the weekend with me. As usual, we took very few pictures... But we did have an awesome time at the Blues/Stars game. A fun night out with friends. And a delicious dinner at Knife.

The life of an HR person is never stable. After about nine months in my role, my organization decided to move me in to another role. I went from supporting a group of 250, to supporting a group of 1000+. Obviously I am not alone in this and do work with a HR manager to support this new organization, but it is still a massive increase in people and in work. I've been busy learning a new organization, new people, and making sure that we give the organization as smooth of a transition as possible. It has definitely not been a cakewalk.

I'm still in Dallas but I moved to a new apartment. I came down to apartment search in April last year and the apartment I chose was running a deal which allowed me to sign and start my lease in April but not pay until I moved in in June. Unfortunately that left me with a decision to make regarding moving with less than a year of time in Dallas under my belt. I loved my apartment but I was paying more than I wanted to and was not taking advantage of all the cool stuff that I lived near. I decided to move closer to work (and it turns out closer to some friends!) and pay much less than I had been paying.
New apartment- closet pre-clothes, living/dining space, and kitchen
I actually really love my new apartment too, but I do have a giant empty space meant for a dining table... Time for some furniture shopping :-)

After more than ten months in Dallas I decided to accept the fact that I live here and transition my car insurance, registration, license etc. Just FYI this is not what you are supposed to do... But my CA registration (yes CA I never registered my car in OH) was about to expire and I couldn't simply renew by mail because CA was requiring a smog check for my car this year. So... as of this week my car is officially a Texan and I'll be following up with getting that TX drivers license (and replacing my CA license that still has a picture of 15 year old Ashley).

Hopefully some of those are decent reasons for dropping the blogging ball again... But hey, it wasn't the first time and I'm sure it won't be the last :)