Meet Ashley

Hi All!

My name is Ashley, I currently live and work full time in Dallas, TX. This is my little corner of the internet where I blog about anything that happens to be on my mind.

A bit about me... I am a born and raised California girl who has flown the coup and started exploring the rest of the country. A year after graduating from UCLA (c/o 2011) I moved to Columbus, OH for graduate school at The Ohio State University. After that I landed myself a job in Dallas, and that's where I am for the time being- but my life is definitely uncharted (as my blog title suggests).

I am in a long distance relationship with my fiance, A. We met in grad school and ended up with jobs in incredibly different locations- he currently lives in West Virginia. As tough as it is- and believe me it's tough- we find ways to make it work because we are both in full agreement that this is something special.

 I love make up and music- quite possibly my two favorite things so you will certainly see that reflected in my posts. I am a football girl ever since my cheer leading days and on any given fall weekend you might find me cheering on my Bruins, Buckeyes, Packers, or (recently) Cowboys. When I've got A in town we love checking out restaurants in Dallas- he has certainly turned me in to a bit of a foodie. I also love decorating my living space or just dreaming about new ways to do so. You will likely see all of this, and more, reflected in this little blog of mine.

Feel free to contact me anytime at Or find me on Twitter and Instagram.