Thursday, April 7, 2011

Maybe Someday My Blogging Will Compare To These People

I have been reading a few different blogs somewhat obsessively lately; 25 Before 25 -a blog all about an average 20-something girl trying to 25 things before she turns 25, Not That Kind Of Girl - whose blogging initially started with the idea of doing completely  uncharacteristic things for a year and she is now on year number two, and of course Life So Sweet- my wonderful friend Bethany blogs as she embarks on the adventure of life in the real world.

I'm taking notes from these to improve my own blogging (which would seriously improve if I could get myself to stick to some sort of schedule... just sayin). 

Yet another blog I was reading recently (Yes and Yes) had a guest post by Not That Kind of Girl in which she shared her Daily Self Satisfaction Survey. Now, some of these questions are super tough to answer on a daily basis, but they certainly get you thinking. What I find makes some of these questions more difficult to answer is the fact that my days are becoming more and more routine. Wake up, work, home, homework/TV/YouTube/blog-reading, bed... Wake up and do it all over again (Except on Thursdays when I replace work with class). Therefore I think something I would like to add to this survey is "How did I break the routine today?" Here is the survey she posted. Let me know what you think.

  1. In what way have I contributed to my personal excellence today?
  2. What did I create today?
  3. How did I reach one new person today?
  4. Who did I tell I loved today?
  5. Who did I love without telling?
  6. What did I go out of my way to do for someone else today?
  7. Who or what inspired me today?
  8. What was today’s small, good thing?
  9. How happy am I with my progress today?
  10. What lesson from today am I going to take into tomorrow?
Do tell me if there are any other questions you think should be added to Not That Kind Of Girl's survey. Also, let me know what your favorite blogs are! I'm always searching for new blogs to add to my quickly growing Google Reader.

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  1. ooo ashley I love this post! Those are some good questions to keep in mind every day. thanks for inspiring me, and happy friday!


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