Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Normal Schedule? Not Yet...

I feel so out of the loop on blog world! 
I can't even remember the last time I've gotten to read anyones posts =(

I am still living in the dark ages with no internet in my apartment (although at the moment I have found a way to get the VERY WEAK signal from my complex's lounge if I sit on the floor next to my living room window) which means my blogging can not yet return to full force.

But, I can see a normal schedule just over the horizon- my parents went back home to Fresno this morning (I miss them already!) after being here in Columbus for the last five days helping me set up my apartment, and orientation started yesterday (and actual classes and work start next week).

Right now Time Warner and JC Penny Home Store (who can not seem to manage to deliver my bed and couch) are on my list because both of these companies are failing to get me important things that I've ordered in a timely fashion. Once my apartment has internet, a bed, and a couch I feel like I will be able to feel like my life can start being somewhat normal.

In the mean time- I went to the Pro Football Hall of Fame yesterday with the parents and got to see some pretty awesome stuff!
 This Lombardi trophy will go to this seasons Super Bowl winner! 
Let's hope it goes to my Packers =)
 We couldn't resist... Tebowing with the Tebow jersey.
My love Aaron Rodgers uniform =)

Hope you all are doing well! 
I miss reading about everyones lives and I really hope I have time to catch up soon!

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  1. I would hate not having internet! :( I hope everything starts falling into place and you can start feeling more at home soon!


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