Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Charleston, SC: The Lodging

First up- I am going to share where A and I stayed during our trip to Charleston, SC.

When A and I finally decided on a location for our anniversary/Valentine's day trip, I got right to work finding us a place to stay. As you might expect, I started with hotels. Charleston has some gorgeous hotels with some not-so-gorgeous prices to go along with them (especially over Valentine's/Presidents day weekend) so I took to AirBnB to see if I could find something that would be more worth the money.

Our first attempt at booking a place didn't work out- which was a bummer- but it worked out in the end because we found an even better spot! We stayed in the Mod Suite at City Centre Inn. It could not have been a more perfect location. We were right near the intersection of Meeting/George St.

For those who haven't been to Charleston, Meeting St. and King St. are two of the streets you want to check out. King St. was one block up from our location so we walked nearly everywhere we went. We also walked to East Bay St- another street in Charleston that contains lots of yummy restaurants- the harbor, Rainbow Row, and Battery Park/White Forest Gardens. We uber'd once out of necessity and a few times out of laziness/time of night but we truly were walking distance from anything you could want to do in the historic downtown district of Charleston.

The suite itself was amazing. It's furnished with a number of original Mid-Century modern pieces, but also contains an updated kitchen and bathroom (seriously this bathroom- I want it in my future house). Sadly, I did not take any pictures but here are a few from the AirBnB posting that I feel most accurately represent the suite.

I was a little nervous about using AirBnB as I had never done it before, but it turned out to be a wonderful experience. We had a code to our door sent to us prior to our arrival, so we didn't even need to check in with anybody. We did meet the hosts (who live onsite) towards the end of our stay and they were wonderful. Rick and his wife Glenda were incredibly hospitable, and were nice enough to hold our luggage for us after we checked out of the suite but before we were ready to leave for the airport.

Overall, it was an awesome experience- and I would absolutely stay there again. The cost of the suite was less than many of the hotel options and it was bigger and so much more comfortable than what we might have gotten at a hotel. I would highly recommend checking this place out if you ever go to Charleston!

Next up- I'll tell you all about the food!

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