Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Boring Weekends, Visits From Friends, and Upcoming Adventures

Sadly this past weekend did not consist of any traveling, in fact I hardly left my house at all. Instead, I caught up on sleep, finished reading The Perks of Being A Wallflower (which I have mixed feelings about... though you can certainly pull some amazing quotes from it), and spent a good amount of my Sunday cleaning/organizing my room- side note I have an amazing ability to make a room dirty without even trying.

Despite my boring weekend, I did have a wonderful visit from one of my best friends from UCLA last week! Sadly, Brittany and I didn't take any pictures, but we did stuff some fun times in Fresno in to about eight hours. We started off with dinner at Dai Bai Dang, a delicious Asian restaurant only found here in Fresno. I ordered the Crispy Beef, which was actually quite spicy- pretty sure the staff had to fill my water glass at least 3 or 4 times. After a quick stop at Yogurtland, we spent some time walking around the River Park area and did a little bit of shopping. Then we headed out to a bar called Groggs (I am still discovering Fresno's "nightlife/bar scene") to hang out with some friends. Brittany was hilariously harassed by one of our friends who took it upon himself to create the "joke of the night." An episode of Man Men to finish off the night, and it was off to bed because I still had work the next day =(

I was so happy to be able to show a little bit of my home life to one of my college friends. Brittany even admitted that she doesn't know why Fresno has such a bad reputation.

This weekend I am off on another adventure... This time I am headed to the Bay Area to see my bruins take on the (number 6 ranked...) Stanford Cardinal and to be reunited with lots and lots of my UCLA people! I can't wait! We will have to see if Brehaut succeeds in bringing hope this weekend. Go Bruins!

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