Monday, October 3, 2011

Friends. Football. FUN.

I can not possibly begin to express how much fun I had this weekend, but this will be my brief attempt at doing exactly that. Saturday I made the quick drive up to Mountain View/Palo Alto to watch the Bruins play the Stanford Cardinal. Knowing that Stanford was ranked number six in the nation and the Bruins have not been having the best season (typical...) we decided to make an event of the day to ensure that even a Bruin loss could not wreck the weekend. As an added bonus I decided to not only include my wonderful UCLA/ADPi girls in the weekend, but also Weston, a friend from the midwest (Alumnus of THE Ohio State University) who moved out to California a few months ago.

A total of six of us all met up at Wes' apartment for some good old fashioned college drinking games (graduating definitely does not mean we plan to stop playing beer pong) before cabbing over to the stadium to meet up with some more ADPi's, and other UCLA friends. A mini-barbecue courtesy of the wonderful Kelsey provided us with some delicious hot dogs pre-kick off. Despite an opening drive that looked promising (until the end when we failed to score...) the Bruins were no match for Stanford. Still, clapping and singing along to Sons of Westwood and The Mighty Bruins brought all my Bruin pride flooding back, and reminded me that I could not be more proud to have graduated from such an amazing school.

Best friends and football will always be an ideal weekend for me. The weekend also included a trip to the Google campus, late night jacuzzi-ing, brunch, a google+ hangout with the friends who couldn't make it to norcal, lots of reminiscing, and tons of laughter.

Check out Bethany's post about the weekend as well! Now for a few pictures to showcase some of the highlights of the weekend.

made a quick stop by Bethany's work and could not resist taking a pic with the Google sign!
Weston and I at the tailgate.
2 things:
1. I got the Ohio State alum to wear blue!
2. Don't you love my new jersey?!

baby beer shot glass

being goofy before brunch (awkward parking sign...)
we love lions... duh

i love the drive from Fresno to the Bay. beautiful blue skies and California countryside

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  1. this post is so cute! i miss this weekend so much already!!! and i love your new header :)


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