Sunday, October 23, 2011

Big Times Are Back

I was lazy this week and never got around to posting, but since my weekend this weekend was quite uneventful... I guess that works out.

Last weekend I spent a few hours on Sunday at The Big Big Big Big Big Fresnoooo Fair (my Fresno friends will remember the old jingle, I think I preferred the old commercials to this years "big times are back" jingle). Mom and I hit up all the important exhibits pretty quick since it was just the two of us and it was extremely hot for an October weekend. We saw horse races, all the art and home crafty exhibits, the animals, and I enjoyed a corn dog, chocolate covered frozen banana (with sprinkles) and of course the cinnamon rolls! Here's a little bit of what the day looked like according to my iPhone.
crossing the finish line

Certified CA girl
winning centerpiece

the stuff wasn't that neat

big times are back
I think I'll post another update solely devoted to pictures later and just finish this one off here. Going to the OC Fair (twice) this summer and hitting up the Fresno fair this past weekend has definitely given me a case of Fair Fever and I will have to make a point to go to some more in future years. Visiting fairs in other cities is certainly something to add to the bucket list. Who can turn down things like chocolate covered bacon, fried kool-aid, Alaskan racing pigs, outdoor concerts, horse races, and general all around good times with family and friends?!

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  1. any post at all is a good post! i haven't been to the fair in forever... looks like a good time :)


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