Monday, February 21, 2011

Dance Til Your Feet Ache and Your Eyes Want To Close

UCLA's Dance Marathon was this weekend. This was my second year participating in this awesome event that raises money and awareness for Pediatric Aids. On Saturday morning I entered Ackerman Grand Ballroom with the intention to dance and stay on my feet for a full 26 hours. 700+ dancers all stood up together at 11am, and we did not sit down again until 1pm on Sunday. The event was even more amazing than the first time I did it. Standing on your feet and staying awake for that long is incredibly difficult, painful, tiring, and INSPIRING. I had a wonderful time with all of my friends. And when I got home I went to sleep for 16 hours =)

As a whole, all those participating in Dance Marathon raised $410,530.68. Team Alpha Delta Pi, with our 50+ registered dancers raised $13,079.21! We were the number two fund raising team of the entire event! We more than doubled what we raised last year as a team, which is absolutely amazing!

Sitting down before dancing for 26 hours

Two of the AMAZING kids who spoke of behalf of one of the organizations DM benefits. Both of the boys have HIV and they spoke so beautifully about their lives and how things like DM make it better. It was fun to see them having such a great time.

The senior dancers and our moralers who came and hung out with us from 12am-3am

The three seniors right before POWER HOUR (the final hour)

$410,530.68. The total amount raised this year by UCLA Dance Marathon-ers. The most in UCLA's 10 years of putting on Dance Marathon!

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