Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Music Wednesday: Someday I Will Be Strong Enough

I believe B.o.B first found his way in to my life through the song "Airplanes" which I remember everyone and their mom making their facebook status (Can we pretend that airplanes in the night sky are like shooting stars...). He then solidified his place in my heart with one of my favorite workout jams "Magic" back in 2010
B.o.B and TSwift performed together in Dallas during Swift's most recent tour
This last week, B.o.B came back in to my life with his new album Strange Clouds. Of course, the first song I listened to was his collaboration with my girl TSwift (duh). After completely falling in love with "Both Of Us" I quickly downloaded the rest of the album and was not disappointed.

The album features collaborations with all kinds of popular people including T.I., Chris Brown, Nicki Minage, and even some voice-work by Morgan Freeman!

Now, I'm not a huge hip hop fan so it is rare for me to download an entire hip hop album- generally I stick with Top 40 songs that can be heard on any popular radio station a la LA"s Kiis FM. But this album is pretty darn awesome. My favorite tracks are "Both Of Us" (obvi), "Arena", "Just A Sign", and "Chandelier" but if I'm honest I like them all (with the exception of "Out Of My Mind" not a fan of that one...). 

If you have not yet heard any of B.o.B's new album I highly recommend you check it out. And if you are a Taylor Swift fan then I highly recommend you start right here.

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