Thursday, May 24, 2012

Some Thursday Things

Thing #1
I am once again taking off for the weekend (hello it's Memorial Day!). This time to Las Vegas, NV for a 2nd (annual?) Memorial Day Weekend in Vegas. 
There will be sun & heat, food & drinks, dancing in clubs & hotel rooms...
 AND of course the annual UCLA 8-Clap at the Bellagio fountain! 
Some of the ADPi Seniors 2011 at the fountain
Even though this year I am only going with one other UCLA girlie we will be there to see all the current seniors and our fellow graduates and to scream "U-C-L-A! F*CK SC!" repeatedly until the crowd is ultimately forced by Bellagio security to leave the area.

Thing #2
I recently started watching a new show via Netflix, "Friends With Benefits." 
I had never heard of this show, have no idea what network it aired on when it was on TV (although I'm guessing it didn't do well because it doesn't appear to have a second season), and don't know who most of the actors on the show are... But it's not bad. It's a bit like a HIMYM knock-off in my opinion. In fact there were even specific jokes that were ripped straight from HIMYM, but it was a 30-min sitcom when it aired meaning episodes on Netflix are only a little over 20 minutes so if you're looking for a quick funny series to watch, check it out.

Thing #3
My boy, Phillip Phillips, won American Idol. I predicted him as the winner all the way back here in February.
I love me some P-squared and I hope we don't have to wait too long for an album to come out. Unfortunately, we know based on past idol's timelines that it will be awhile since they have to first complete the Top 10 Summer Tour.

Thing #4
Sara Bareilles song "Sweet As A Whole" from her new EP Once Upon Another Time CRACKS me up. It's completely inappropriate (if you are bothered by bad language) but totally hilarious. The irony of her sweet voice and harsh words is fabulous.

Thing #5
I apologize in advance for most likely being MIA til sometime next week. Blame Vegas, LA, my friends, and the fact that I just don't feel like scheduling fluff posts in the meantime.
Peace out my loves!

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