Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Music Wednesday- American Idol

In place of my normal Music Wednesday post, I'm giving you my little American Idol recap. And since I am loving American Idol right now, I am linking up with Jaime for What I'm Loving Wednesday.

The guys performed on Idol last night, and five on the thirteen of them will get automatic spots in the top 13, so here are my predictions slash who I would like to see get those automatic spots.

Phillip Phillips- Oh my goodness, I love this boy. I didn't particularly care for his choice of song-Phil Collins- but I LOVE LOVE LOVE his voice (and him in general). He is my pick to win it all. Yes I'm am saying that this early on.
I'm in love.
Reed Grimm- I liked his jazzed out version of Moves Like Jagger, but I'm not sure America will. I also wonder how he will make himself more top 40 relevant if he continues on- cuz let's be real this is American Idol and you've still got to fit the norm in some ways if you want to make it big after the show. That said, his personality gets me every time; I think he is adorable. However, he was in the death spot so that might make it tougher for him to move on.
Colton Dixon- I have a thing for rocker guys. His David Cook-esque voice, his amazing piano skills, even his skunk mohawk thing. I'm a fan. Plus he sang a song from one of the Twilight soundtracks, if that doesn't get him votes from all the tween, teen, and early twenty-somethings I don't know what will.
Creighton Fraker- This is one I'm not sure if America will agree with me on, but thought his song choice-True Colors- was absolutely perfect for him. He may alienate some voters with his flamboyant antics, but I think it's fabulous that he is so comfortable in his own skin.
Joshua Ledet- He doesn't sing the kind of music that I generally like to listen to, but there is no denying that his performance was (vocally) amazing, so I begrudgingly give the fifth spot to him.

As for the wildcard spots... I would like to see Deandre Brackensick get a wildcard spot and maybe Aaron Marcellus, other than him I'm slightly indifferent. As adorable as I think little Eben is, and as hilarious as Heejun is, their performances were relatively disappointing as were most of the other performances, in my opinion.

So... What do you guys think? Are you watching Idol? Who are your favorites?


  1. I totally agree with you on all of your faves! Although I'm not really a Deandre fan or a Chase fan. I actually think Chase sounded horrible last night. I feel bad for saying that, it could just be the song choice.

  2. I haven't kept up with this season at all. Most would blame it on my lack of a tv, but I blame it on the fact that we didn't run into these boys in westwood! Loved that night :)


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