Wednesday, February 15, 2012

This Is Not A Drive By

For some reason ever since taking my trips these last two weekend I just have not been able to get back in to the swing of blogging everyday (probably because before that I was using the weekends to plan out my posts...).  Anyway, because it is currently 10:30pm Tuesday night, this is going to be a quick and dirty music post. Hopefully tomorrow, I won't feel quite so lazy and I'll write up and awesome Vegas recap!

This week, I'm introducing y'all to one of my favorite new songs of the month... "Drive By" by Train.

 I think we all liked Train back in the late 90s when "Meet Virginia" and "Drops Of Jupiter", then they tried to make themselves relevant again in the early 2000s with whatever CD had "Calling All Angels" on it. But they really popped back in to all of our lives in 2010 when they released Save Me San Francisco and EVERYBODY and their mother was loving "Hey Soul Sister". 

Early last month they released their new single "Drive By". I heard it for the first time late last month on the radio and Shazmed it on my phone as I was driving home from work. I think its a cute song. 

My only beef is with the lyric "just a shy guy looking for a two ply hefty bag to hold my love". Really? A two ply hefty bag.... Does two ply make anyone else automatically think of toilet paper? 

Anyway, if you haven't heard the song, and you liked anything on the Save Me San Francisco album, you will probably enjoy this song too.

Also, since I've been doing (and tweeting) these music updates I've been followed by some random artists. Most are small, little known types... One is not.

That one... Matchbox Twenty.

As in Matchbox Twenty's official twitter... Must say I was super confused as to how they found me and why they are following me, but it's cool. I mean I REALLY liked the song "3am" back in the day.

 If you wanna be cool like Matchbox Twenty and follow me on twitter, you can do that HERE.


  1. I listened to song and then read the post and I thought the same thing about the 2 ply. That's a little strange but other than that I like it! It's catchy! How cool that Matchbox Twenty is following you now!!

  2. Confession: I was obsessed with Matchbox Twenty all through middle school and high school. That's so cool they're following you on Twitter!

  3. Haha so random about Matchbox Twenty :) Train definitely has some interesting lyrics lol


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