Thursday, February 16, 2012


Do you guys remember that song? You know... "Patron, tequila. I'm drunk on margaritas and Patron, tequila...." Well we brought that song back this weekend in Vegas and although I did not drink any tequila this weekend, that song was certainly heard blasting on multiple occassions from the speakers in our hotel room.

I took a half day from work and began the drive through the middle of nowhere to Barstow, CA (where I was meeting the rest of my group) around 1pm Friday afternoon. Look up the route from Fresno to Vegas, you will literally see long stretches of highway- The 99, the 58, and the 15. Those highways... not very exciting. Farmland, then desert, then more desert.

The center pic was the crazy sunset while driving home. The others were on the way too Barstow. Typical desert.
 Anyway, four hours later I was leaving my car in a semi-sketchy Holiday Inn parking lot in Barstow and jumping in the car with one of my closest friends, Karissa, and her two friends Tanya and Caitlyn (who I had never met before). A couple hours later and we were checking in to our awesome hotel room at The Encore.

Our hotel room (my favorite was the couch area) and the view, during both night and day.
 Lots of texts to sketchy promoters were sent and it was decided that we would go to Tryst and XS since they are both in The Wynn (which is connected to Encore). I love that if you go to the "less cool" clubs you get free drinks. Apparently Tryst qualifies as a "less cool" club because we got to skip the line, grab some free drink tickets and were in super quick.

I'm not a club person but I actually thought Tryst was super fun. They played great music (it was actual music that I knew, not dubstep/house beats) and the dance floor was right in the middle with a huge, very picturesque waterfall behind it. We had a great night out at the clubs, and once we left we made friends with a couple of bartenders in our hotel for some more drinks. These two guys were hilarious, I wish we had gotten a picture with them.

Day Two began at 10am with varying degrees of hangover manifesting themselves in each person, but a delicious breakfast at XXX cured that right up. We headed off to walk the strip, take lots of pictures, and do some shopping. It was a BEAUTIFUL day in Vegas. 70 degrees and sunny with no wind, so perfect for walking the strip. We met up with Tanya's brother and hit up the buffet at the Bellagio for an early dinner. Multiple plates of delicious food later we headed back to our hotel to prepare for night number two.

Treasure Island. Typical ADPi Diamond Pic. Elvis Impersonators. Fat Tuesdays!
 Night two held big plans to hit up a new club then head to Toby Keith's I Love This Bar (three of the four of us are huge country music fans). Unfortunately, we got slightly sidetracked because we decided to meet up with one of Karissa and Tanya's friends from their study abroad program. This guy was staying in an AMAZING tower suite in The Wynn. OH EMMM GEEEE this room was so cool. My favorite part was the mirror ceilings and personal bar in the living room.

Mirror ceiling pic.
 Those guys had a table at Tryst, so we headed back there with them. Then ended up being there super late because Holly Madison was hosting and we had to see her! Sad to say we didn't make it to the Toby Keith bar... There is always next time!

Anyway, I must say this was probably my favorite Vegas trip to date. Although last years memorial day weekend trip is a VERY close second. We are already making plans to go back in April to celebrate the 2nd anniversary of Karissa and my 21st birthdays (aka our 23rd bdays).


  1. Can i please live your life? Or just come visit? Gosh, you have so much fun :-D

  2. That looks like SO much fun!! So glad you had a good time! Definitely hit Toby Keith's bar next time! I'll live vicariously through you haha!

  3. Sounds like a fab time! I want Britt to plan a trip soon :)

  4. Go to vegas at the end of april because I'll be there!!!


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