Thursday, February 2, 2012

Its Okay Thursday

I planned to FINALLY hop on this band wagon and link up with Neely and Amber for "It's Ok" Thursdays. Here we go!

Its Ok Thursdays

It's Okay...

...that I read lots of "It's Ok" posts first to get inspiration for mine.

... to be sooooo ready for this GRE to be over with! *I'm taking it TODAY*

... to pretend its spring/summer when its 65 and sunny out.

This past weekend- tanning in the 65 degree weather

... to just "like" things on Pinterest when they are not quite "repin" worthy.

... to be well aware that I am going to be spending too much money in the upcoming weekends.

... to be both nervous and excited about my plans to dye my hair! I've NEVER dyed/highlighted my hair before. 

My ombre hair inspiration
... to be really sad that football season is officially coming to an end this weekend.

... to want baseball season to start up asap because I really don't care about the NBA.

... to be SUPER PUMPED about the next two weekends! This weekend LA, next weekend Vegas!!!

Fun fact- I used to work in that TCW building on the far left (in the back) in the LA photo

So how'd I do?? What's OK with you this week?


  1. You did great! And It's Okay is still happening this week despite the challenge, so go link up! :) And I think your hair would be so pretty that color!

  2. Agreed on your sentiments about baseball. I don't care for the NBA either and college basketball only mildly entertains me. Nothing like the boys of summer. 64 sleeps until Opening Day :)

  3. You did fabulous! I can't wait to see your hair. I love the ombre look & it's so popular right now. Enjoy your upcoming trips. OMG I'm so jealous :)

  4. Love your "It's OKs"! I am so jealous that you were able to lay out in 65 degree weather. I am dying for some warmer weather and sunshine!!!

  5. You did great! Good luck with the GRE, let us all know how it went! I totally understand your pain though. I hated taking that stupid test haha. I hope you had better luck than I did

  6. I always like things on Pinterest! At one point, I had liked more things than I had pinned! And you should totally post a pic of the new hair when you do it!

  7. Ahhhh are you really dyeing your hair?! I love the ombre look!!!

  8. I went tanning this past weekend too...70 and sunny in January? Pssh I'll take it


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