Friday, May 4, 2012

Boob Tube Babble: Hart of Dixie

Does anyone else watch this show?
I have to confess I completely love Hart of Dixie.
And I confess, this love might stem from the fact that I have an incredibly strange desire to move to a small town in the south and fall in love with a beautiful southern man (a la George Tucker)...

The show sort of lost me when it took a lil break (as the CW loves to do) but I recently caught up, and let me tell you the last two episodes were fabulous.
My heart soared with joy and broke in to pieces all in the course of just two episodes.
I may or may not be quite similar to Zoe Hart with my own George Tucker that I'm pining away for... meaning these episodes may have hit a little to close to home but I (like Zoe) have hope and I can't wait to see how the season plays out.

And seriously, watch this clip and tell me that you are not in love with this man.
I've watched the entire series of Friday Night Lights, and I had no idea that Jason Street (aka Scott Porter) could sing like that. 
Hot damn.  

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  1. Mmmhmmm, hot damn is right, girl!! I was a big Tim Riggins fan on FNL and wasn't a huge Jason Street fan so I wasn't sure about how I would feel about him on HOD but, my WORD! I love it!! And I, too, have hope for Zoe!

    By the way, I WILL e-mail you back today!! Promise!

  2. Thanks so much for linking up! I haven't seen Hart of Dixie, but it's on my list to watch some time!

  3. i, too, have fallen in love with this show!! i love the cast (although lemon is a horrid person and drives me nuts with her lying and constant coniving). i am a zoe and wade fan though :) i just love that hart of dixie is a fun,light,family-friendly show,especially in today's tv world.

    cute blog!!

    happy weekend!!


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