Monday, June 4, 2012


Hi friends!

I took the week off last week but I have every intention of making a stunning return this week =)

Things seems to be slowing down this month- which at the moment feels wonderful- so I should have plenty of time on my hands to re-devote to this little blog of mine. 

I have NO trips planned for this month! AND with the recent development of multiple trip possibilities in July (I might be going back to Vegas/San Fran/Havasu... AGAIN) I am considering keeping my butt here in Fresno all month long.

Anyway, it is currently 10:34pm on Sunday night and I have no desire to write up a full post, meaning this is just me popping in to say HELLO and that I hope you've all had a fabulous start to your June! How are you, friends? I've missed you!

See ya tomorrow with a recap of my Memorial Day Weekend trip to Vegas!

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  1. I can't even believe how busy you are all the time! I'm sure a whole month of no trips would be great!


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