Thursday, June 21, 2012

Big Comfy Couch

As an undergrad at UCLA I lived at two addresses. The first was in UCLA's dorms- the Courtside building to be exact- and the second was my Alpha Delta Pi sorority house. That means I never lived in my own apartment (ok technically I lived in an apartment for one summer but it was just a sublet).

Anyway, the point is that this August I will officially be moving in to a place that is all my own! I will be living there for both my years in OH so I definitely want to put a nice looking place together. And I need your help/suggestions.

I am pretty much starting from scratch when it comes to furniture, which means I will be buying most things out there. I definitely plan to do some shopping at Target and Ikea so that I won't be breaking the bank. But what about the bigger stuff- like a couch or a bed?!

I spend a lot of time sitting, laying, lounging, & sleeping on both of those pieces of furniture, and I want to make sure they are super comfortable. I have sat on many a friends Ikea couches, and let me tell you, they have not been very comfy...

I am not trying to spend Ethan Allen type dollars here, but I'm not opposed to spending more than Ikea's prices. If I have time I would be totally open to searching yard sales/craigslist (maybe...), but I currently am moving in 2 days before starting school! That does not leave a ton of time to get settled! 

Sooo... Where did you shop when buying pieces for your first place? Any suggestions of where to look would be greatly appreciated!


  1. Yard sales are great, and Craigslist is kind of iffy...I would say check to see if any of your friends are getting rid of their couches too. Also, I'm not sure if your city has stores like Rooms to Go or Room Liquidator. I helped my sister pick out a living room set from Rooms to Go and it's cute and the couch is super comfy!

  2. Craigslist is definitely a great place for home items. Also trying Goodwill or Salvation Army, even yard sales. But if you're anything like me, I don't really like the idea of sleeping where someone else has done who knows what haha. We got our bed from Costco. It's the most comfortable thing ever and was a great price. Our couch came from Easy Life furniture. I'm not sure if it's a chain or just a place in Southern California, but it was a great price as well. Plus those two pieces are definitely an investment, so even if you spend a little extra you know you'll have it for a while. As for decor stuff...Target, TJMaxx, Marshalls, Home Goods, etc. are all great places to put a home together. And lastly pinterest is the perfect place for all kinds of ideas :) Hope that helps some & good luck with your move!


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