Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Music & Lyrics

I have an odd ability to remember song lyrics
I'm talking put on Aaron's Party and I'll sing you the whole thing, Spice Girls- I got you, Blow The Whistle by Too Short- I probably can rap 95% of the lyrics without missing a beat, just about any top 100 country song in the past 5-10 years there is a good chance I can at least sing the chorus, the Eagles/Bruce Springsteen/Pat Benatar greatest hits- yep I know that too.

Even random obscure songs- example "Me & You" by Cassie came on the radio the other day... don't remember it? Yeah, thats because it wasn't very good. I'm pretty sure I wasn't even a fan back when it was rockin the TRL charts six years ago, but somehow there I was singing along with a decent amount of the song. 

It's weird. 
I'm convinced that real, important information doesn't fit in my brain because it's already full of unnecessary song lyrics. 
But I digress...

My ability to remember song lyrics, gives me a special connection to lots of songs.
A song can remind you of a person, event, feeling etc. This is the reason I love music. When I hear those songs it's like I'm transported back in time. Transported back to how I felt, what I was thinking, or what was happening when a certain song ingrained itself in my memory for good.

So... What songs take you back in time?


  1. Music is totally a time capsule for me.

    Old school Tim McGraw takes me back to high school. I can almost smell the cafeteria (where dances were held) when I hear "Don't Take the Girl."

    "Teenage Dirtbag" by Wheatus reminds me of college. My roommates and I used to sing along with it on roadtrips.

    Chris Cagle and Rascal Flatts remind me of my friend, Amy. We met because of RF and she was absolutely enamored with Cagle, so we listened to him often.

    "Moves Like Jagger" will always remind me of the summer or 2011.

    There are many more, but these are the first ones that came to mind.

  2. I thought I was the only person who could remember random song lyrics with ease, but has to actually study to remember things for school. Lol! 90's R&B always remind me of my childhood and so does early 2000's Pop (*NSYNC, BSB, Spice Girls, LFO). But what really takes me back to when I was little and would "clean" the house with my mom and younger sister is old R&B, like the Chi-Lites, Chaka Khan, Temptations, etc.

    1. I'm so glad to know I'm not the only one with this random talent! I would do the same thing while "cleaning" house with my mom except we always listened to classic rock. As a little girl, I totally thought I would the back up singer with the tambourine in a rock band when I grew up hahaha

      Thanks for stopping by my blog today love!

  3. Alright, I probably shouldn't do this but I feel like I can admit this to you without being totally judged so....I have the Aaron's Party CD on my iPod hahaha. I found it when I was cleaning out my closet and decided that I had to to have it on my iPod. Which is really unfortunate when I'm running though the neighborhood and one of those songs comes on and I start laughing.


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