Friday, June 8, 2012

Friday Letters

dear life- can you rewind to the photo above? i would love to relive my senior year of college. i can't believe this was over a year and a half ago! dear June- i'm glad you are here, but I wouldn't mind if you went quite quickly. dear gym- thanks for welcoming me back with open arms. i know we haven't been on good terms lately but let's change that this month. dear far away friends- we are failing at skyping/google hangouts. not okay. i miss you. dear blog friends- thanks for always still being here after my random disappearances. you da best. dear jason derulo- your song Undefeated is probably one of the cheesiest songs i've ever heard... and i kind of love it.

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I mean, where else can you write letters to ideological concepts, places, or celebrities??



  1. Love the letters miss!
    Just wanted to say hi!

    Have a happy weekend!


  2. I'm always the worst at catching up with long distance friends via skype. You would think it wouldn't be so hard, but it is!


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