Thursday, June 28, 2012

Reading Machine

I've mentioned my extreme love for Goodreads before; this website is awesome.
You can keep track of what your reading, rate and review books, peruse friends/strangers thoughts on their recent reads, and so much more.
I've challenged myself to read 40 books in 2012 (although I would really like to make it 50...) and so far I am at 15. According to Goodreads, this means I am still three books behind where I should be at this point in the year... but I'm feeling so accomplished having read that many books!

For me, it feels like its been years since I've been able to read this much for pleasure. Throughout high school and college, there were always other books I was supposed to be reading that took precedence over fun books! Sadly, with grad school just two months away(!) I know that will soon be my life again so I am taking full advantage of this time I have to read for fun!

Here's a few of the books I've read recently:

Divergent/Insurgent- Veronica Roth
These books were awesome. I am so disappointed that I have to wait until next year to discover how Tris' story ends! If you liked The Hunger Games, you will like this series too.  Read these books. I'll leave it at that.

That Boy- Jillian Dodd
I picked this up because it was only $2.99 from the Kindle store. I enjoyed this story of a girl and her two best (boy) friends. It's a little predictable, but I was entertained as we followed her story from a 10 year old fifth grader to a 22 year old post grad. This is actually part of a series as well, but I have not bought the next book (This Wedding) because I am content with the ending and don't feel that reading further drama about these characters would really do anything for me.

In Too Deep- Amanda Grace
Another cheap buy from the Kindle store, this was a very fast read though I don't think I would recommend it. There are better books out there. I wanted to strangle the main character, Sam, the entire time. Essentially she finds herself at the center of a vicious and un-true rumor. She could have righted the entire situation immediately but she doesn't and drama ensues. I wanted to strangle her because she is an idiot and should have told the truth right away, then nothing bad would have happened... But then there would have been no story.

Stories I Only Tell My Friends- Rob Lowe
I LOVE Rob Lowe. He is quite possibly the sexiest 48-year-old I've ever seen. Reading his book was a lot of fun. He has had interactions with some really amazing people. One thing that really stood out to me while reading about his life is how much times and people have changed in the past thirty years. Some of the things that happen to him would never happen today. If you enjoy memoirs, this is a good one to check out.

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  1. Goodreads is so pushy when you set your goals! I up'd mine from 50 to 100 recently and it was staring me down with 'your behinds' until I could catch up. Ah!


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