Wednesday, June 20, 2012

MusicWednesday: Five Dollar Concert

Yes, yes Justin Bieber's new album, Believe, came out yesterday. 
Obviously I downloaded it immediately
And I love it. 
Actually, I was kind of surprised by how much I love it. But his new, "grown up" sound is great. Every song on this album kicks the hypothetical butt of "First Dance" (an embarrassing song from his first album, My World). 
But, the Biebs album success aside, today I'm going to be talking about something else...
Tomorrow I will be hanging out with a friend here in Fresno
at our local Woodward Park, seeing a $5 concert featuring:
Whisky Row
Kip Moore
Pretty darn good for five dollars, if you ask me.

So, this being MusicWednesday I thought I would feature my 
favorite song by each of these artists.

Whisky Row- I'm starting with Whisky Row because I had no idea who they were until I googled them. Turns out they are a duo from right here in the central valley. 
I am assuming they will be first up on stage since they are the least well known. 
Regardless, their self titled album is available on Spotify so I gave it a listen and chose "Rollin With The Punches" as my favorite song. They're not really anything special, in my opinion. There just wasn't much variety in their songs... Hopefully they will play some good covers!

Kip Moore- Most country fans will recognize Kip's "Somethin Bout A Truck", a very catchy, stereotypical country song. But I prefer "Fly Again", "Hey Pretty Girl", or "Beer Money". 
Plus, who knew Kip Moore is such a cutie?! 
Not me!
I guess I had never seen his video, and for some reason I was expecting an older, mustachioed country man. Something like this:
but in reality he looks like this:
Yeah, I'll take that.

Gloriana- I am so excited to see Gloriana! I have loved them ever since their first single, "Wild At Heart", was a free single on iTunes. They NEED to release a new album ASAP
I love both of the singles they've released since their self titled 2009 album; "Kissed You (Goodnight)" and "Wanna Take You Home". 
But my favorite songs still come from that self titled album. 
"Lead Me On" is probably my personal fave, although the whole album is darn good.
I can't wait to see them tomorrow night!

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  1. Kip Moore is so hot!!! So jealous you are at this concert right now!


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