Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Ohio Blogger Meet Up

Last week I discovered that there is an Ohio Blogger Meet-N-Greet going on in July, and I am beyond sad that I will not yet be in Columbus to attend. 
I can only hope that another similar event will take place after I've moved in August.
Hart to Heart
Blogging seems to be a much bigger pastime of those in the Midwest/South than it is of those of us here on West coast. 

Don't get me wrong I follow some great West coast bloggers like StressCase and of course my good personal friend Bethany over at Life So Sweet.

But the large majority of girls I follow are not from over here in the best coast, and not gonna lie... I'm pumped to be joining the midwest bloggers soon. However I will be sad to be leaving the land of sand and sun.

I may or may not have stalked the link list of those attending and followed a bunch of Ohio bloggers, in hopes that I won't miss the next Ohio blogger Meet-N-Greet!

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