Friday, June 29, 2012

Friday Letters

dear five dollar concert- i know you were over a week ago, but i thoroughly enjoyed you (and i wanted to share the picture above). kip moore and gloriana were so amazing. i am sad the the july five dollar concert with scotty mccreery and joe nichols sold out so fast =( dear fourth of july- you are my favorite holiday! and you are next week! eeeeek! dear SYTYCD- you are quite possibly one of my favorite shows of summer. dear june- see ya next year! dear blog- you and i have some scheduling to do this weekend to cover my upcoming time in LA and Vegas! dear friends- thank you for reading, and for all the sweet ways you've let me know you like what i've got goin on here =) i love the love and i love you back!

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  1. $5 concerts?! That is awesome! We have a park in the area that wasn't really being used so in an attempt to get people out there they started doing these free weekly concerts with country singers. It's awesome!

  2. I love that you have had time to post more! Makes my shuttle ride in the morning :)


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