Tuesday, June 12, 2012


The other day, while watching one of my favorite YouTubers, Miss Glamorrazi, she casually mentioned a site she visits on the regular- DailyLook
Out of curiosity I googled it and found my new favorite online shopping site. 

Source: dailylook.com via Ashley on Pinterest
Last week I made my first purchase from this awesome website, which I fully intend to review for y'all once it arrives later this week.

The basic premise of this site is that it has two daily looks and on that day all of those products are on saleYou can also go back and look through past looks and purchase those as well (however past looks are no longer on sale).
It's awesome. 
And dangerous!

I've taken to checking it everyday, and at times I truly have to restrain myself from taking advantage of some of their great deals.

If you're interested I highly recommend you check it out here!

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