Friday, December 5, 2014

A Late Friday Five

Considering I was not at work for an entire week last week, this week went pretty dang fast- and I am certainly not complaining about that! Here's five things that are on my brain this Friday!

I took zero pictures over my Thanksgiving week in WV/MO so I won't do a blog recap... but A and I had an amazing week together. Sometimes it feels like my "real life", my day-to-day here in Dallas is not "real life". It's this weird intermediary portion of my life that I am just getting through until I get to be in the same place as that crazy wonderful man.

My absolute favorite beauty vlogger is doing #vlogmas this year and I love it. Ingrid is an inspiration both personally and professionally (and let's be really I just want to be friends with her in real life). Yesterday's video was extremely real- the girl was having a rough day- and I so appreciate that she can be so open with her audience.

I've been doing some serious Christmas shopping online lately all thanks to many wonderful bloggers suggestions via the #FavoriteThings2014 posts. I wish I could post all the cool stuff I've gotten, but then my friends and family would know what's coming to them! Go check out everyone's posts via AprilEliseKatie, and Zelle the amazing hosts.

#selfie because #TGIF- I posted this this morning just because... Follow me on instagram ashleycan04, and we can be friends

I am a really bad blogger if I don't pre-write most of my posts over the weekend. I am writing this in real time because I was too lazy to write it last night (and last weekend was stolen by my love... #sorryimnotsorry). Forgive me?

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