Wednesday, December 3, 2014

November Goal Recap & December Goals


A few weeks ago I posted about my November Goals so today I'll check in with how I did and some new goals for the month of December.

  • Bring my lunch to work 4 out of 5 weekdays
    • I'm gonna give myself a YELLOW on this one. I think I did a pretty good job but didn't meet the goal entirely. Definitely improvement from the past though, so this one is going to remain on my list for the month of December.
  • No furniture purchases for the month of November
    • GREEN! I did not purchase any furniture this month- although I was very tempted to make a trip to Ikea at one point. I am not going to reward myself with one new piece though, because I think that last minute plane ticket I bought last week negates some of the work I was trying to do here.
  • Go to spin twice per week
    • RED. Complete fail. I wasn't even close to completing this one. Heading to the gym after work has been tough for me... When I get done for the day, my couch is calling my name! Do you guys know the feeling?
Alright so some new goals for December...
  • Complete all my Christmas shopping before I fly home for Christmas.
    • Considering I fly home for Christmas on the 23rd, this one is kind of necessary... This will likely mean doing lots of shopping online and having things shipped to my parents house in CA.
  • Try three new restaurants in Dallas.
    • I get in that habit of going to all the same places, and in the weekends I get in the habit of sitting on my butt. This is my incentive to call up some friends and go somewhere new!
  • Bring my lunch to work 4 out of 5 weekdays.
    • Like I said, this one is going to continue... I feel really good about myself and the way I'm eating when I bring my lunch and eat dinner at home rather than picking up fast food (duh!). 
There are some other things I would like to do in addition to these things (hello gym, let's find a way to be friends!) but I find that life is better when I don't over commit myself. 

What are you all trying to accomplish this month?

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