Monday, December 1, 2014

How I Keep Up With The Blog World

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving weekend. I can't wait to share mine, but as I've just flown back from Missouri yesterday, it will take me some time to get that recap together- plus last week was HEAVY on the personal content and as exciting as my life is for me it might not be quite as exciting for you guys to read about constantly! Instead today I am sharing one of the ways that I keep up with the blog world.

I stopped blogging right around the time that Google Reader was being discontinued. Unfortunately, when I stopped blogging, I also stopped reading (for the most part). Keeping up with school work, new friends, and a new city did not allow much time for playing in the blog space.

Replace that book with my computer and this is me trying to keep up with blogs.
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When GoogleReader disappeared, I lost all those subscriptions... so when I wanted to start reading again a few months ago, I had to go back and find all the blogs I used to read and start my list from scratch. Now, I like to have all my blogs in one spot- which was why I loved Google Reader- so what in the world was I going to do without it?!

The first way to do this is of course- Bloglovin'. I love Bloglovin' for finding and following amazing blogs, but my poor little computer gets overwhelmed sometimes when it needs to load a new page every time I move to a new post (this computer is on its last leg guys...)

So I wanted something where I could scroll through full posts all on one page. A quick search around the inter-webs and I found The Old Reader. Maybe I am late to the party and this is a well known fact... but y'all it's as if Google Reader never left me. I added my subscriptions back in and BOOM it's all there, in one convenient spot, for me to catch up on day after day.

Example of my OldReader feed (yes that is my own blog post...)
Follow me on Bloglovin' if you want to (then I know you're reading and I can come check you out!)- but you're also more than welcome to just copy my URL up there and add it in to your Old Reader feed.

Just tryin' to make your lives easier =)

Let me know if there is something else out there that is equally awesome that y'all use to get your daily dose of your favorite bloggers.

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