Friday, May 22, 2015

Friday Letters On A Long Weekend

Friday Letters was always my favorite link up when I first started blogging... Although I don't believe it's a link up anymore (I currently only know of one person who still does it, and that is Ashley @ Run With Me. If you know of more, leave them in the comments!!) I'm still going to do it =)

dear fiance- i still can't believe i get to call you that. it's been three weeks that i've been wearing this gorgeous ring on my finger but i'm still giddy about it. i'm pretty sure i will continue to be giddy until the day i get to start calling you husband. dear memorial day weekend- thank you for giving me an extra day with my fiance. dear texas- it's time for this rainy/tornado-y weather to go away. i'm ready for sunny weekends at the pool. dear bachelorette- you legitimately look like you might be "the most dramatic season yet" #pumped. dear readers- look i posted three times this week! i'm trying to make a conscious effort to post a little more often/consistently because i really do love doing this.

happy memorial day weekend y'all!

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