Friday, May 15, 2015

Typical (and Not So Typical) Wedding Questions Answered

All my friends on facebook/twitter/instagram are probably sick of my posts about getting engaged by this point (sorry guys... we are just really excited!) but for those of you that might still care- here are just a few of the typical (and not so typical) questions answered.

I am amazed by how many people have asked, "do you have a date?" Are we in the minority as an engaged couple who does not set the date immediately? For us, we are refraining from doing much planning until we have found our way to the same city. The earliest I foresee us getting married would be Fall of 2016- but even that might be pushing it. We are looking at a long, sweet engagement.

With me being from CA but living in TX, A being from MO but living in WV, and the two of us having met in OH we have all kinds of options for where to get married. There is even the possibility of adding another state to that list based on where work takes us in the journey of getting our butts to the same city. However, right now my thoughts are leaning toward St. Louis, MO. It's A's hometown, a city I have fallen in love with, and a pretty darn good central meeting point for all the people that are going to need to travel in for the wedding.

What's our plan for getting to the same place? Good question. We don't have one. We both have new careers and want to give ourselves sufficient time to get good experience before one of us makes a move. Either one of us could be the one to move, it will all just depend on timing and opportunity.

Like any newly engaged girl I am so excited to get to planning. But for now, I will resign my planning to simply mass idea hunting on Pinterest and maybe the occasional search of venues on The Knot.

If you're engaged or married, what are the questions you got from everybody?

Happy Friday Lovelies!

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  1. I hear Ted Drewes can cater the dessert bar. Good move!

    (Seriously - congratulations!)


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