Friday, May 1, 2015

Why We Work

I get to see my boy today!! This weekend we are heading to Columbus for a short weekend together and I am soooo excited. Today I thought I would finally share a post I wrote before my last blogging drop off about why we work.

Mary did a post like this quite some time ago- and I loved the idea of it so I just had to steal borrow it from her.

As I may have mentioned in the past, it took me too long to realize the amazing man that was standing in front of me putting up with my crap loving me for quite some time. We were some version of friends for almost two years before we started dating. In that time I was slowly learning why we worked, and since becoming a couple I've seen so much more.

We work because:
He is calm when I am a mess, and vice versa. I believe in him and he in me. We were instilled with/have developed some very similar values and beliefs.

He laughs at my ridiculousness. I love his dad jokes. We both love music, football, and HGTV.
He makes me smile in the times when I really don't want to. I know that rubbing his forehead will make him feel better if he is stressed or not feeling well. We tell each other we love each other multiple times a day (thank you long distance).

He loves receiving love letters and I love writing them. I can get lost in his gorgeous blue eyes. We adopt interests from each other, and tolerate those that we have no interest in adopting.
He is good at doing the little things and I'm good at doing the big things. I can be 100% me when I am with him. We take pictures like those above and both think they are fantastic.

He holds my hand in the car- whether we are driving to the grocery store or across the country. I could spend all day in his arms on the couch. Our love is bigger than 1000 miles of physical distance.
We always "figure it out".

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