Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthdays, Bruins, & Bring It On

I am finally getting around to posting about my Veteran's day weekend. The reason it took me so long was partially because I was waiting for pictures to get put up online so I could steal them for this post and partially because I was just using that as an excuse to not sit down and write this post. Procrastination aside; I had an AMAZING weekend in LA visiting my favorites. In an attempt to prevent this post from rambling on and on I will hold myself to listing only the top five best parts of the weekend.

In no particular order:

1. Silly pictures with my room six favorites. I got to spend a seriously needed, large amount of time with my former roommates this weekend! We celebrated Katie's birthday all LA. Father's Office, Third Street Promenade, the couches at the HOP, and our fave Westwood bars just to name a few! Our epic shopping adventure on Friday led us to the best purchase of the weekend... $6 Mustache rings! We took the obvious mustache picture, and numerous other ridiculous pics throughout the weekend.

2. Our first trip to Howl At The Moon. Howl is an awesome dueling piano bar at Universal City Walk in Burbank, CA. This was my first trip to a dueling piano bar but it will certainly not be my last. Any bar that encourages the entire crowd to sing along all night with a huge variety of well known favorites is a place for me. This bar was packed and we certainly had a fantastic time people watching. Favorite sight of the night- rooting on a young 20 something guy as he went after a not so cougarish looking 40+ year old woman. Sadly he was not successful in his pursuit.

3. Christmas decorations! Now I have generally been a proponent of the no Christmas decorations til after Thanksgiving. But for some reason, this year, I am all about welcoming the Christmas decorations/music/spirit! We obviously took every opportunity to snap some adorable Christmas pics =)

This one is by far one of my favorite pics of the weekend! We fit right in with little Cindy Lou Who!
4. I would love to write "WATCHING THE BRUINS WIN!" here but sadly the Bruins barely showed up to our game in Utah this weekend, essentially throwing away our chance to (magically) appear in the Pac 12 championship game. Instead I'll just say hours spent at Barney's Beanery with some of my favorite girls. We took over a table right in front of the biggest TV in the bar and at one point there were about twelve of us squeezing in to that one area. I always love watching the Bruins with my favorite Bruins, even when our team can't seem to get their stuff together.

5. Last but not least... Karissa and I saw Bring It On: The Musical! It was sooooo cheesy... But so much fun! My only reccomendation to anyone going to see it is go in knowing that it is a new Bring It On story, not the movie retold in musical form (a la Legally Blonde The Musical). If you are aware of that ahead of time you will enjoy the show that much more.

I had a seriously awesome jam packed three day weekend and am very sad that I probably won't be making another trip down until after the holidays. Having three days really does make a huge difference.. Unlike my other weekend trips I was able to fit (what felt like) so much more in to the weekend! If your looking for another perspective on the weekend, check out my roommate Jo's blog! Next week's post will probably be a little different since this weekend won't be nearly as exciting. Hope you all have a fab weekend!


  1. I love the organization of this post...very streamlined! Plus, since I am currently trapped in the biomed library, the pics make me feel like I'm re-living our fun weekend. And thanks for the link :)

  2. I have always wanted to visit a dueling piano bar! Such cute pics Ashley... you fit in so much!


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