Sunday, November 6, 2011

October Picture Rewind

Aside from Saturday's AMAZING Bruin win over Arizona State, this weekend was a tad on the boring side. That being the case I decided to do a picture re-cap of October (before we get too far in to November). Basically I am going to take a look back in my iPhone and pick out some of the best/most random picutres from last month and throw them all up on this one lil post. I apologize if there are a few repeats from prior post.Without further ado... Enjoy!

Pics from both the Stanford game and the Cal game!

Random pictures from the Fresno Fair

Random Shots. 1. Pet store mice loving their wheel. 2. Awesome barn off highway 41. 3. Another pic from my random drive through the country (I'm actually pretty proud of this one, I think it looks really cool). 4. My dream car (okay maybe not dream... but I really like it!)- Hot pink toyota 4runner (older model). 
That's all for this week. This weekend I am off to EL LAY once again, to take advantage of the three day weekend and celebrate my former roomie's 21st birthday! This week seriously can not go fast enough!! Leave me comments and let me know if you guys liked this post =) Have a wonderful week!

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  1. love it! your pics in the country are awesome :) have fun this weekend!


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