Monday, November 21, 2011

Fall Fashions With A Non-Fashion Type

I am by no means a fashion expert. In fact I don't even claim to be fashionable in my every day life. But I have been making a bit more of an effort lately to take advantage of the colder weather and put some fun fall outfits together. As such I played around this past weekend taking some photos in my backyard showcasing a few of my favorites (and some of my recent purchases!). 

Any season that allows me to fully indulge in my passion for boots is THE BEST in my book. Other than the boots I've been wearing lots of sweaters and scarves and attempting to get better at accessorizing with jewelry. Clothes in these photos were purchased at all kinds of stores- Urban Outfitters, Brandy Mellville, American Eagle, Target, Forever 21, Banana Republic, and Macy's just to name a few

I actually had a lot of fun finding places all over my back yard to take some pictures. It made me realize that you can get some surprisingly cute backgrounds out of little random corners that might not initially look like anything special.

Here's a couple more random outtakes...

If you want to check out someone with real fashion sense, there are a ton of great fashion blogs all over the internet. But I would recommend starting out with my sorority sister Melina over at The Caffeinated Closet! Don't forget to tell her I sent you! And let me know what your favorite item of clothing is this fall!


  1. I love this! especially the mustard/magenta combo. ps thank you for the link! :)

  2. I love the blazer! And the scarves too :) The second pic in the strip is SUCH a fashion blogger pose.. perfect!


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