Monday, December 26, 2011

Christmas Time- Family Photo Shoot

I hope everyone reading this had a fabulous Christmas! Using my brand new camera I gave myself this year, I forced my family to do a photo shoot on Christmas Eve, and I wanted to share the results of that with you all here. I'll share more pictures from Christmas later this week, but here are the ones with just my little family. And for those of you reading this outside of CA, yes- it really is that sunny and beautiful on Christmas here!

I am starting with my favorite photo by far- This is what happens when my brothers imitates the way I pose for pictures (but then quickly moves so it can't actually be captured on camera).

Here's the whole fam together...

... and of course my personal photo shoot with each person.

I hope Santa was good to each of you. If you are on a break from school or work this week (like me!) enjoy it! 

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