Friday, December 16, 2011

What I'm Loving (This Week)

Lots of people do what I'm loving Wednesday's but I want to do it on Friday as a nice wrap up to the work week! Here are some things I'm loving this week!

1. New blog friends and people to follow! After participating in my first link up on Tuesday I was so pleased with all the people I found, followed, tweeted, and left comments for... I have so much to catch up on (seriously my Google Reader is overwhelmed) but I can't wait to read and discover more.

2. Spinning classes- I recently decided that I need to get my butt back to the gym. For me spinning classes are the best way to get a crazy awesome workout and enjoy myself at the gym. I'm not a runner- wish I was but I just don't have the natural ability or will power to make myself build it- so indoor cycling is a GREAT cardio alternative.

3. Grad School Info Sessions- A few of my friends know of my struggles between grad school and working and my inability to force myself to study for the GRE but this week I attended a webinar for the grad program I am most excited about and it has reinvigorated my desire to apply. This means I will once again be devoting myself to those GRE books in hopes to get my completed apps in by February!

4. Mid week nail polish change! This is Revlon's Copper Penny. Its a great holiday gold/copper and one of my current favorites.

5. Only FOUR more work days until Christmas and A WHOLE WEEK OFF! Which means my countdown to New Year's in San Fran with my favorites will also begin soon =)

These girls

This city

Crazy Fun New Years Eve

6. My new video editing software- Those that know me well know that I wish I were a professional vlogger. Well I recently acquired Sony's Vegas video editing software and I had a great time playing with it and making this little compilation video from the footage my parents filmed at my graduation last fall. The vid is a little long, so check it out if you want to- I'm more putting it up for my fam to see =)

That's all! What are you loving this week?

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  1. So excited for NYE! Also, love that nail polish color... perf for the holidays!


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