Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Life According to My iPhone

So much for consistent posting... And I had been doing so well!

Oh well... I apologize for the week+ long abscense, but I have been a horrible combination of busy and lazy since Thanksgiving. I just wanted to stop in and say stay tuned because I have a few posts cued up that I have been waiting to post. In the mean time, I just stopped in to say hello and offer up some of my life recently according to my iPhone pics.

I just had to share this first photo. Bethany and I (along with a few other friends)went out while she was home in Fresno to the most amazing, worn-down, country, hick bar in town- Jimbo's. While at Jimbo's we were all having an amazing time people watching, and we could not help but enjoy watching the hilariously adorable old man who was trying to dance with all the cute young girls in the place. That old man turned out to be "Captain Jack"- apparently a well-known guy in the Shaver lake fishing circles... My friend Keith had met him before and apparently formed some sort of bond with him because Captain Jack was very excited to meet us, and give us a couple of his Captain Jack Trucker hats.
The other big thing that happened recently is detailed below. A wind storm in Fresno wreaked its havoc on the town and caused PGE to have lots of work to do restoring power to people all over Fresno.

1 and 2

3 and 4

1. Foggy Mornings- I LOVE the fog in the mornings. It makes it seem like we're living amongst the clouds.
2. Power lines down behind my house.
3. The cause of the downed power lines... A wind storm hit Fresno and brought trees all over town tumbling down. This tree fell from my neighbors yard into the street behind our house.
4. Fire and candles during our night in the dark ages.

If you're curious to see more from the recent power outage, here is a video I sent to my former roommates telling them about what happened and showing some of the damage. Also my dog makes a random appearance. And check out all the leaves in the wind dumped in the pool. My dad had a GREAT time cleaning that up.

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  1. vlog!!! also, i hope its not too weird that i would love to go back to jimbos lol


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