Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sometimes/Always #3

Once again I am linking up with one of my favorite blogger girls for a Tuesday "Sometimes/Always". If you have not taken the time to go check out Megan please do so. Seriously, I am no one to be promoting her- but she is such a sweet heart and has been nice enough to check in on my little blog over the past couple of weeks which I sincerely appreciate.

Sometimes: I think it might be a good idea to chop off my long hair and donate it to Locks of Love.

Always: I'm too afraid that I just wouldn't look good without long hair to actually go through with it.

Sometimes: I fully intend to take a bajillion pictures when I'm out somewhere fun so that I will be able to have documentation of all the cool stuff I've done.

The ONLY picture we took last Friday when we went out for drinks
Always: I end up having too much fun and forgetting to take pictures. (Hopefully this one will change now that I've got my new camera!)

Sometimes: I wish I could be more crafty (especially when I'm on Pinterest!).

Always: I know it's not gonna happen. God just did not make me a crafty person.

Sometimes: I go multiple weeks without cleaning up and my space becomes a complete disaster.

Always: I spend hours (finally) cleaning up, but have a great time doing it- cleaning/dance party in my room!

This afternoon I am off to my best friend's beach house for a few days, then heading to the bay area for the Bruins bowl game and New Year's Eve! I will do my best to keep up with the blogging. I have a few things I want to post about this week, and will be bringing my computer along with me... so hopefully it works out!


  1. I love cleaning/dance parties! I have them all the time haha! And I love your blog! :) New follower!

  2. Our sometimes/always are similar!! I never clean & always want to get my haircut!

  3. I'm always debating about chopping my hair off but I don't have the guts to do it!

  4. Haha I always forget to take pics! I'm finally doing better now though... YAY!

    P.S. I am FINALLY being a better blogger and getting around to looking at my comments, etc. LOVE your blog.. too cute :) I'm following!

  5. I totally wish that I could be crafty, too!! Pinterest makes me want to do SO MUCH!! Haha.

    Thanks for linking up! And for the sweet words!!


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