Tuesday, December 13, 2011


Megan of Mackey Madness started an adorable little series that she has been doing on a weekly basis called Sometimes/Always. This week, I've decided to join her. It's a pretty darn simple concept. You guys will catch on quickly.

Sometimes: I wish I were fashionable enough to wear heels on a regular basis.

Always: I consider myself so lucky to be able to wear my favorite boots to work.

Sometimes: I get in my car and just drive.

Always: I come back to where I belong.

Sometimes: I feel like an old lady for going to bed before 11pm.

Always: I wake up happy I went to sleep early.

Sometimes: I wish I lived in another state.

Always: I remember I've got a pretty sweet deal worked out with the California sun.

Sometimes: I sing along to the radio quietly while I'm driving with others.

Always: I belt out my favorite songs when I am driving alone. 

Sometimes: I start a new book before I've finished the one I was already reading.

Always: I finish them both eventually.

That is all for this weeks Sometimes/Always, go check out Megan and all the others who are joining the fun (link above)! To catch all my updates click that follow me button! Or follow me on Twitter... I always post new updates there.


  1. I love to sing really loud when I drive alone! It's one of my favorite things! :)

  2. I always sing super loud when I'm driving alone! It's the only time that I will sing where people can hear. Hahaha!!

    Thanks for linking up with me! And I just followed your blog and your Twitter!! Hooray!! : )

  3. Megan- Thanks for creating such a great series for us all to join in! And for following me =)

    Alyssa- I always wonder if people driving around me think I look crazy while I'm rocking out to my music, but I def don't care!

    Chelsea- Thank you for your sweet words =)

  4. Lol, I do the same thing with the radio! If other people are in the car I do the whole whisper singing thing. But if nobody else is around I think I'm Aretha Franklin and belt out songs like I'm at a concert!!

  5. Heheh I'm glad it's not just me who has more than one book on the go at once!

  6. Cute post! Love the one about going to sleep early :) Also that bear hugging cali is uhhmazing!

  7. Hahaha So cute! I always start multiple books... and then take forever to finish... lol

  8. ah! love the bit about going to bed before 11. i told hubs tonight that we are getting boring because we come home from work and go straight to bed for a nap.



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