Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Good Mad- Set The Lights Just How You Want To...

If you watch "The Lying Game" on ABC Family, you may have heard of The Good Mad, if not you probably haven't. Now, I realize I easily could have alienated serious readers by mentioning an ABC Family show, but don't let that deter you from checking out Allie Gonino, Adam Brooks, and Andy Fischer-Price's music.
Allie plays Laurel Mercer on The Lying Game, and the writers have taken her musical talent to the screen incorporating her actual band mates in to the show. If asked, I'm sure they would say that the appearances on the show have been a huge stepping stone for them in the pursuit of their musical careers.

This trio is an extremely talented group. Allie plays the violin which I find incredibly awesome (mainly because I used to play the viola and I have tons of respect for people that play strings instruments) and mandolin. Between the two boys talents they've got guitar, ukulele, bass, and harmonica covered. And they all sing.
Their music has influences from folk, country, and a bit of indie rock (both boys were in an indie rock band prior to forming The Good Mad). They describe their music here as "part of the new folk generation... It's an earthy, folk-americana sound." I think that is a perfect assessment of their music although they claim it still needs work. 

It's almost too easy to compare them to the Civil Wars; both bands have male and female vocals with folk guitar based sounds. But overall I think The Civil Wars have a much softer tone than The Good Mad. The stronger tone and voice of The Good Mad's music can easily be attributed to Allie's violin contributions, in my opinion.

The band currently has only four singles out on iTunes, but I've read that they are hoping to get an EP together soon. I know I am certainly looking forward to more new music from this band.

Check them out on Twitter, or YouTube. And enjoy my favorite of their four singles, Follow Your Heart, below.

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  1. I'm definitely gonna check out their four singles! I'm sure they're on YouTube somewhere!


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