Wednesday, March 21, 2012

The Hunger Games: Songs From District 12 And Beyond

Surprise, surprise... You all had to know that this Music Wednesday I was going to be sharing my thoughts on The Hunger Games Soundtrack.
Ever since I heard Taylor Swift and The Civil War's "Safe and Sound" way back in December I've been looking forward to the release of this album (almost) as much as I am looking forward to the release of the movie this Friday.

This album is AMAZING. It features bits of country, folk, rock, and indie influences from a range of artists- some of whom you probably know (Taylor Swift, Maroon 5, Miranda Lambert, Kid Cudi), others who might be new to most. Each song embodies the tone of The Hunger Games so perfectly, the music that flows throughout seems serious and a bit somber, matching the lonliness Katniss often feels, but still themes of hope and family find their way in through certain songs lyrics.

I truly love this album as a whole. I will admit though that I think it could have done without the inclusion of Kid Cudi's "The Ruler and The King". That songs seems extremely out of place to me. That one misstep aside, here are a couple of my favorites:

Daughter's Lament- Carolina Chocolate Drops: I was introduced to Carolina Chocolate Drops recently and through the power of Spotify I was able to become a fan of their music. Rhiannon Giddens vocals stand nearly alone on this track that could easily be a scene from Katniss' life at age 11 when her father died. I got chills when I first listened to this song. I love it.

Eyes Open- Taylor Swift: Taylor puts herself in Katniss' shoes in this song, which also parallels the perils of fame in her own life. It's T-Swift. She's amazing. As always.

Run Daddy Run- Miranda Lambert and The Pistol Annies: I saw a clip of the Pistol Annie's at the Hunger Games permiere discussing how they each connected with Katniss and sought to be on the soundtrack. Unlike other artists they were not initially asked, but pushed their way through to be part of this project because they felt so strongly about the series.

Just A Game- Birdy: I have never heard of Birdy, but oh my goodness this girl has a beautiful voice. The lyric that closes this song "We're all just pieces in their game" is (almost) literally a line straight out of the novel.

Overall, I am not sure I have ever been so impressed with a soundtracks ability to interpret a novel in to relevant music. It is also possible that I have never cared quite so much about a soundtrack. Regardless, I am so pleased with The Hunger Games: Songs From Districk 12 And Beyond and hope that it only signifies more amazing things to come in the movie this weekend.


  1. That TS song is awesome. I didn't think it was possible for me to love her more. I love your music wednesdays. I always find great new songs to get me through another week :-D

  2. I definitely need to get that soundtrack. I'm hoping I can squeeze in the movie sometime this weekend too. I'm right at the end of book two and will be digging into book three next week. :)

  3. It sounds like a really good mix of genre's on the soundtrack! I love that! Even though I'm a huge country fan, I love listening to (most) other genre's too!


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