Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Need A Little Extra Motivation Today

It's Thursday, Friday is only a day away (and now I'm singing Tomorrow from Annie in my head... great) and I need a little extra something to give me the motivation to push on through to the fabulous weekend that I have planned. I decided to look back through my favorited photos on my Tumblr (it was like my Pinterest before I had Pinterest!) and here's a few that made me smile for different reasons. 
I love this girl. I want to look like her, sing like her, dress like her... Basically I just want her life.

Floppy puppies make me happy


How could these lil cutie pies not make you smile?
Doesn't this seem even more appropriate considering the current Dair situation that Gossip Girl has goin on?

Watch out!
Well I feel better now. Ready to take on the next two days of work. Hope y'all do too.



  1. Great post :)
    Love Carrie too!! She's one hot chickie and now I have extra motivation for my workout today lol.
    Have a great day :)

  2. Love that Chuck Base quote!! And I would really love to be Carrie Underwood!


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