Monday, March 5, 2012

Quick Lil' Rewind

The other day I was feeling randomly nostalgic...

I started thinking about junior high and high school and how much things have changed since then. Believe me, I am SO HAPPY that things have changed since then. But, later I wondered what old photos I could find from back then.

Since I would have to search for physical photos (as compared to digital) to find anything from 7th-8th grade, I thought I would share some of the oldest digital photos I have, from junior/senior year of high school.

Luckily, I guessed the old email address/password correctly and gained access to my photobucket account (which I used back in the day when I had a xanga...) and boy are there some GEMS in that account. I'll save the completely awful ones for another time... instead I thought I would share a few I actually like.

Bullard cheer. Not gonna lie, I really miss cheering. I also love this candid picture.

Prior to a random school dance. I think the theme was "B" Something. I was obviously a baseball player.
High School Graduation. Alex and I have known each other since third grade, and despite going to college in entirely different states, we are still best friends.
Happy to say I've grown up quite a bit since those days, but it is definitely fun to rediscover old pictures that you completely forgot existed.


  1. It's somuch fun to look back on past times!

  2. I love looking back through old pictures! It is so fun remembering good times with old friends :o)

  3. Catching up on posts! I found old pictures from years ago when I moved above the garage! It's crazy how time flies! I loved "seeing" those memories again!


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