Wednesday, April 11, 2012

And I'm Off!

Yesterday was my last day of work for a while, and as you are reading this I am most likely 30,000 feet above the ground flying from Fresno to Houston, TX. After which I'll be driving from Houston to College Station for my first of three grad school visits!

If you wanna keep up with me while I am on my trip, follow me on Instagram (AshleyCan04) and or on Twitter!

My blog posting may be somewhat sporadic for the next week or so, I have a few posts pre-scheduled but I really don't like writing super far in advance.

Can't wait to share all my adventures with you when I get back!

Fun fact- this is my 100th post =)


  1. Can't wait to hear all about it. Have safe travels & embrace these moments!!!

  2. Ahhhh! I'm so excited for you! Have a blast and good luck with everything!


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