Tuesday, April 10, 2012

One Of My Favorite Things To Do

One of my favorite things to do in my spare time is watch YouTube.
I am a huge YouTube nerd.
I've said this before but my ideal job would be to be a professional vlogger.

One of the first people I ever watched on YouTube was Phillip DeFranco, or sxephil. He is a very popular YouTuber who does a Mon-Thurs show on "newsy type stuff and things that matter to [him]".

Not to long ago he started up a new channel, SourceFed, which does a Mon-Thurs show called "20 Minutes or Less". The three hosts- Elliot Morgan, Joe Bereta, and Lee Newton- release 4-5 videos per day each on a different current event-ish topic.
All three of these hosts are hilarious, and I completely love the way they write these 3ish minute videos.

If you've never watched, I highly recommend you check out the video below- it's from one of the days last week that I found particularly funny. Disclaimer- I am not a Star Wars fan but I am familiar enough with it to find this video HILARIOUS.

I also love the blooper videos they release on occasion. Warning before you press the play button on the vid below- Lee likes to yell, and there is a significant amount of bleeping throughout the video, so make sure you're wearing headphones if for some reason you are watching this at work. 
But of course you're not reading this at work... right? 
None of us read blogs at work. 
No sir-ee. 
Never. =)

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  1. You and me both, girl! Some nights I just sit on my ipad and search and watch funny videos and crack myself up- its so much fun!:)


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