Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Charleston, SC: The Activities

While our primary activity in Charleston, SC was definitely food- we did manage to do a few other things while we were in town.

First up, we took a Ghost Tour of the city with Old Charleston Walking Tours. We got a great deal on the tickets through GroupOn- which at the time of this post is still available here! The tour was so much fun. It incorporated Charleston history in to some really awesome ghost stories based on real people's experiences. The tour guide has gather stories of supernatural encounters from people over the years, then done research in to Charleston's past to determine what events the ghost might have come from. I'm not sure that I really believe in that kind of stuff, but whether you believe or not it is really fun to walk around and hear the stories!

The next day we did another walking tour of the city, but this one was also a photo tour. This tour was through Liz of Say Charleston! A hates taking pictures, so when I found this I thought I had no shot of getting him to do it, but he surprised me by agreeing that it would be nice to have some quality pictures of us to remember the trip by. Despite this tour starting in the same location at the ghost tour, there was very little overlap in content, which was awesome. Our tour guide/photographer Liz lead us around the city for two hours talking about Charleston's history and the unique architecture style of many of the historic homes in Charleston. Plus she took some really amazing pictures of us along the way. I loved this tour!

These were the only two formal activities we did but here are a few other things we did that you will definitely want to do too:

Shopping on King Street- King Street is primarily shops so we walked up and down the street multiple times popping in to all the different shops, boutiques, and art studios. We particularly loved Ben Ham's studio. His pictures were absolutely gorgeous and we've told ourselves that some day we will splurge on one of his photographs for our future home.

Wandering the Harbor, Rainbow Row, and Battery Park- our last day was spent wandering these parts of town. It was so much fun to just walk around and take in all of the beautiful sights in Charleston. We loved looking at the houses and fantasizing about owning one someday.

A few things that we didn't do that we would like to do when we go back were- visit Fort Sumter and take a tour of one of the gorgeous plantations outside of town.

We can't wait to go back to Charleston one day. We both truly fell in love with this amazing city. If you missed either of my other recaps on the lodging and the food, go back and check those out.

Now... we just have to decide where we should go next!!

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