Tuesday, November 18, 2014

#FavoriteThings2014: My Christmas Wishlist

Today I am linking up with AprilEliseKatie, and Zelle for the first day of their These Are A Few Of My Favorite Things link up.

In no particular order, here are some of the things I am lusting after this year:

Wood USA Wall Map- World Market: I have wanted to buy this piece of wall decor for a very long time now, like probably months. I am not sure why I haven't just picked it up myself but since I haven't... here it is on my Christmas list.

Kindle Fire HDX- Amazon: That boyfriend of mine got himself one of these a few months back- he actually had it delivered to my place in Dallas because he was going to be here visiting me when it would be arriving- and ever since I've been in need of a tablet of my own. I love playing on this thing, its great for watching Netflix, catching up on blogs, reading Kindle eBooks, etc. It's also an extremely reasonable price in comparison to other tablets.

Steve Madden Kylee Over The Knee Boots- DSW: I have a boot obsession. This is definitely not news to anyone who knows me.... So of course, I need to add a new pair to my collection this Christmas. I know I am looking for black (my black go to pair are kind of falling apart); I know I am looking for over the knee; and I know I am looking for leather/faux leather. These Steve Madden pair look nice, but aren't necessarily the only pair that would meet what I am hoping to find this year.

Blouses & Cardigans- Basically all clothing stores: I am always in need of more blouses and cardigans. Pieces that can be worn both to work or with jeans on a casual day are what I enjoy most. I have had great luck shopping online with ModCloth so I pulled the two items pictured above from their website.

Urban Decay Full Frontal Lipstick Stash Set- Sephora: I am lacking solid lip products in my everyday make up routine so I thought a set like this would be an easy way to add some variety to my makeup collection. I am totally open to suggestions of lip products that are pigmented, long lasting, and not drying...!

Reclaimed Wood Headboard- Etsy: My bed is sad and still looks like it belongs to a college kid. It's a box spring and mattress on a metal frame... that's it. I've been dying to find myself a head board for quite some time now- but these things are not cheap, y'all! I found someone on Etsy (liked above) who does custom reclaimed wood headboards for what I consider to be a relatively reasonable price. Ordering something like this online without being able to see it first definitely scares me, but it is an option.

Amazon Fire TV- Amazon: When I moved to Dallas, I rewarded myself with a big ol' 55'' TV. And I love it. I would love it even more if I could watch Netflix (and more!) on it without having to connect my computer to it via HDMI cord.

So.. that's what I came up with for Christmas 2014! I know my mom and A read this, so hopefully this will be helpful to them (feel free to share with other family Mom!) and potentially to those of you who are still building your lists!

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What is topping of your list this year?


  1. Loooooving your list!! I just added a few of your ideas to my own list... my husband thanks you in advance for that ;) bahaha!

  2. Love those boots, for sure! Thanks for joining in!
    xo Southern Style

  3. Hey I got mentioned in your blog! Thanks for the wish list.


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