Friday, November 14, 2014

Friday Letters

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I don't believe that Friday Letter's is actually still a thing... but I always liked doing it, so for my first Friday back I am sticking with this old favorite.

dear readers- thanks for stopping by this week. i've really enjoyed this first week of being a contributing member of the blog world again. i can't wait to discover more fantastic bloggers. i've missed this. dear A- i love and miss you. i know you don't get this blogging thing, but thank you encourage me to do it anyway. dear dallas- i kinda think i am beginning to feel settled in you. i wasn't sure i was going to like it here, but i just might be starting to enjoy it. dear work- oh my goodness you have been crazy lately... let's slow down a little, okay? dear world market/crate & barrel/west elm- if you have some awesome black friday sales you might make me fail at my november goals (more about those on Monday)... dear weekend- i am happy you're here but please go quickly. once you are done there is only one more of you between me and the next time i see that boy of mine.

Happy Friday y'all!

*Original Friday Letters idea belongs to Miss Ashley of The Sweet Season.

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