Monday, November 10, 2014

I'm Back!

Hi Friends!

After a two-ish year hiatus, I've decided that I want to return to the blogging world. So... here I am! Where have I been for the last two years? Great question...

Well, when I last blogged here I had just moved from my hometown in California to Columbus, OH to begin graduate school. Since then, I've completed my Masters in Human Resource Management and moved once again. I am now living and working full time in Dallas, TX.

Check out that very excited woman who is accidentally photobombing our adorable picture...
I've also added a new very important person to my life in the last couple years. Unlike me, he is less comfortable with the whole online presence thing- so we will just call him A. A and I met in grad school, spent over a year dancing around each other, and finally took the plunge in to a full-on, for-real, relationship back in February. Unfortunately, we had both long-since accepted full time positions upon finishing our degrees. That meant we were jumping in to this relationship knowing that in June it would become long distance.

That fact aside we knew very early on that this is something special and we intend to make the distance (Texas to West Virginia, y'all) work for us. We have been doing just that for the past few months, and let me be the first to tell you long distance love is not easy. But it will not be this way forever which makes the struggles we go through now more than worth it.
In starting this blog back up I am hoping to fill the void that leaving school seems to have left in my life. I enjoy writing and sharing experiences with my friends and family- and since none of those people are here in Dallas with me (don't get me wrong, I have some AWESOME new friends here) I thought this would be a fun way to let them see what I'm up to here in Texas. Additionally, blogging is a great way of encouraging myself to get out and try new things- so I have exciting content to share with y'all! I'm not sure I'll start blogging every weekday like I used to- but I am very much looking forward to getting back in to this world.

So if you're a former reader and you're back, HI! If you're brand new, WELCOME I can't wait to meet you =)

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