Friday, January 13, 2012

#40ThingsAboutMe Part III

Happy Friday! Here are the final 15 Things to complete this weeks #40ThingsAboutMe! Yay!

26. I am excited about growing up because it means having money to do the things we couldn't do when we were younger. I can't wait for all the trips, outings, with my friends. Even though it is tough with work and real lives to figure out, I know that when we do get together things will be so much more fun (we have to      squeeze all our fun into a smaller amount of time now that we don't see each other every day!). Plus, let's be real, we are never REALLY going to grow up completely.
Wine Tasting In Temecula! There will be lots more adventures like this in the future!
27. I sleep with two stuffed animals on my bed every night. UCLA Bear (who doesn't have a name- but his tshirt says "Cuddle Up With Someone From UCLA" which is very good advice if you ask me!) and Bartlett the sock monkey, who was made for me by one of my best friends.

28. I have just recently gotten in to painting my own nails. In the past, I have either had bare nails or a professional french manicure. Now bare nails look weird to me…

29. I watch way too much TV, though it’s a lot more difficult now that I live at home and we don't have DVR!

30. I rarely say no to a fun night out with my girls. In college I was often the instigator pushing people to go out instead of studying =)
Being ridiculous as freshman... I can't believe this was four years ago. Let's just say I hope somethings never change (or at least not too much). I also can't believe we took the time to photoshop our two friends who were missing in to this pic.
31. I've never been out of the country. I don't even have a passport =(

32. Sometimes I have a TERRIBLE memory… but other times I remember things in great detail. I haven't figured it out yet. It's kind of obnoxious.

33. I am a big sports fan, mainly football but I will watch just about anything (curling during the winter olympics? Sure why not!) especially LIVE.
Go Bruins!
34. I grew up as a competitive gymnast. I quit when I was a sophomore in high school because I was no where near good enough to continue in college and the time commitment was extreme, but I loved it and still really miss it. I would love to coach in my spare time in the future.

35. In high school, I was a cheerleader- which is funny because growing up as a gymnast we "hated" cheerleaders! But I loved that too and actually really regret not trying out for UCLA's squad because that I actually do believe I would have been good enough to do in college.
Me as a sophomore on JV cheer at Bullard High
36. I have only one brother (he is 21). My mom is one of seven, and therefore I have 13 (or so) cousins on that side of the family. On the contrary, my dad is one of two, and I only have one cousin on that side of the fam.
1. Dylan, the one cousin side 2. Brother and me and 3. Some of the 13 cousins on the other side of the fam
37. I have a twitter but really only use it to promote my blog posts/post an occasional random thought/respond to others tweets. I don't post often because my favorite tweets from others are tweets that make me laugh… and I know I'm not that funny.

38. I get excited about the most random things. Ex. I could easily get excited about spotting my favorite ice cream bars in a grocery store or a pretty flower along the path or a squirrel in my yard.

39. We have one dog at home. Her name is Sandy and she is 10 years old. I love her and dread her getting older.

40. I always want to know who is reading my blog! Therefore I love comments! I am especially curious when I see people outside of the US are reading, though I do know who a couple of those may be.

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    Welp, that's all folks! I hope you feel like you've gotten to know me a little bit better this week. Love y'all! Have a happy weekend!


    1. I cannot believe you posted that pic from ASVT! I definitely learned some new things from these posts :)

    2. wine tasting was so fun! Lets go again when I return to the states. Also get your passport and come see me!

    3. I want to go out in Hollywood next time you come down and I'm excited for adventures (even if they are only fri-sun now)


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